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welcome to gluem

            "gluem turn bands into web superstars. gluem destroys you with our awesome skills.
             gluem makes you forget your friends, your family, your name. gluem fills the void
             of your miniscule mind with wickedly bellicose artwork, our mighty administrative
             console, and the sure knowledge that armed with our perfect archetypes you will 
             crush all challengers to your title as wickedly awesome cool overlords supreme."

                                                        -- the book of gluem

So we're in the business of making websites for bands. Cheap, fast, awesome, wicked. That's our motto. Some of our sites serve as beautiful brochures for your sonorous sounds, an online flier highlighting all your best aspects. Others provide full customizability using our deliriously simple admin tool, custom made for us by scientists from NASA. You can keep your fans up to date with your latest activities, add images / merch / shows / lyrics / links / &c, control your message board, and, you know, lots of other things. So that's pretty cool.