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Prices for our Packages!

Hi! We like making websites. Here's some info!

"The Edginator"
This is a great package if you're on a ramen and shoestrings budget, or just want a facelift for your current site. 100 clams, great artwork, our classic template structure, no hidden charges. You can host with us, or if you already have your own server we'll give you all the files and you can just pop them up. Includes pages for your photos, bio, merch, links, contact info, songs, lyrics, and welcome info.

"The Park Avenue"
Start with the timeless magnificence of the above and add Horseplay, our pheromone powered administrative center. You'll be able to add and edit your shows, links, lyrics, and news. You'll be able to interact with your fans and update your site whenever you feel like it. You also have the option of adding a la carte menu options to this package to upgrade as you see fit. Requires hosting with us (since you'll be using our special administrative tools). All this for only $200!

"The Total Package"
Take everything above and add an editable press page (for all the swell reviews you'll be getting with your new site!), a message board, a media page (your songs go here, along with AIM icons, logos, fan art, etc), and the ability to add and edit your photos, merchandise, bios (for all your members, too!), change your splash page (put up a flyer for your next show!), and defy the force of gravity! All this for only $400, a substantial savings over the retail price!

Hosting is $120 a year.